If you are looking for a trainer that is quiet, easy to set up, easy to store, and a smooth ride, then you need to consider the JetBlack Z2 Fluid Trainer. This is the ideal trainer for people who want to perform interval sessions without breaking the bank.

The JetBlack Z2 Fluid trainer comes already assembled, which is a huge bonus. Once you get it out of the box, simply unfold the frame, add the quick release skewer that will serve as a replacement for the one on your bike, fit the frame, and then adjust the roller to fit your tyre, all of which can be done in a matter of minutes. The task is made even easier by the handle on the adjustable roller that tells you how many turns are required to have the roller and tyre in position for consistent resistance from session to session.

The frame is quite light and does not look very sturdy, but those looks are incredibly deceiving. The unit remains stable in even the most intense rides, and you are going to be thankful for that weight when you move the JetBlack Z2 Fluid Trainer from place to place. This is a unit that really doesn’t take up a lot of space, either, so it will be perfect for smaller homes with limited storage space.

In regards resistance, the name of this trainer says it all. It’s a fluid experience that feels much more realistic than what you get on a trainer that uses magnets. The Z2 is also a good deal quieter than other cheaper units, which is great if you have flatmates or family sharing your space when you do your interval training. The unit operates by having an impeller revolving in oil, which is why it does not feel great when you first start pedalling. Once you get about 10-15 minutes in, though, the pedalling feel is much like that of a real road. While not the smoothest trainer you will ever use, the Z2 still does a good job at a very reasonable price.

There are no adjustable resistance levels on this unit, but you can use the gears on your bike to do this. It’s a process that works quite nicely, with the JetBlack Z2 Fluid trainer offering users a resistance curve that goes all the way up to a mighty 900 watts, more than enough for most people interested in interval training.

If you are looking to incorporate things like speed, heart rate, and cadence into your ride, you can do so by using the free Lite Training app. There is no ANT+ connectivity with this trainer, so don’t expect to be able to use any of the advanced features on training apps.

We ran several different tests to see how consistent the JetBlack Z2 Fluid trainer was, with each one delivering positive results. From session to session, the Z2 performed well, with resistance levels being as close to the same each time as it gets, very similar in performance here to its elder brother the Jetblack Z1 trainer.

If you are on a limited budget and really want an indoor trainer to get you through the cold winter months, the JetBlack Z2 Fluid is definitely a trainer that you should look at. Easy to set up, good for small space, and incredibly consistent, the Z2 has it all at a price that most people can readily afford.