Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro Trainer Review

On a budget? We bring you something that will help spur you on as you strive to keep fit. Surprise!!, it’s the Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro trainer, a great choice for your indoor training, it gives you that true feeling of riding without making sounds that could attract the attention of your neighbors.

For many, turbo training may not be the most appealing suggestion even at the best of times, throw in the unbearable noise and a total lack of real life road feel and it really is the last thing a lot of riders would wish to do. However, the Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro trainer offers you practically no noise and a true indoor riding experience and comes at a very affordable price.

Wondering what Jet Black is? Jet Black are an Australian company and the Z1 Fluid Pro trainer meets and surpasses many other products both in production and operation. A simple and straight forward does what it says on the tin mentality when it comes to set up and function is just what you would expect from an Australian manufacturer.

Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro trainer in use

Setting up the Jet Black Z1 Pro Fluid trainer for use takes the same process as all other standard turbo trainers. When you unpack it, (it goes down almost flat, which is a good feature as it makes it easier to store) and put it in your preferred position, you will have to pass the proprietary QR skewer through the rear hub. Just so you know, the skewer ends are placed in small cups which are shifted by screwing them in or out. The Jet Black Z1 Pro Fluid’s SQR system (actually a large QR lever) means that after the initial set up, getting on the bike is swift and simple. A roller is then pushed up against the tyre and fixated in place by turning a big knob. A locknut secures everything in place.

It’s actually when you hop on your bike and start riding on the Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro trainer that you begin to enjoy the dividends of the 3kg ‘Hydrogel’ roller. Jet Black claim Its level of noise emitted is 55% less and offers up to 30% reduced tyre wear, less than what? we’re not still not sure. The Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro trainer really is very quiet in comparison to any magnetic-resistance unit. It also offers a great true ride feel for a trainer at this price point along with a confidence inspiring solid planted base for those out of the saddle sprint efforts.

Training with the Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro trainer does not promise fun all the way, but it definitely makes indoor riding more bearable and less unpleasant. The Jet Black Fluid Pro trainer also comes with a free training app to add some more structure and help you get the most out of your indoor workouts.

In conclusion, the Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro trainer is a top choice for those on a budget, offering great ride feel, low noise levels and excellent build quality. The lifetime warranty and free app are the icings on the cake.

Learn more at Jet Black Products.