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Zwift Trainer Difficulty Setting

If you use a Smart Trainer in combination with Zwift, you may or may not be aware of the “Trainer Difficulty” setting slider. Zwift essentially describes this slider as the ability to scale the feel of your climbs from 0 to 100%. This has no effect of on your speed, as you still use the same power to move your avatar. Zwift routinely considers the gradient to be half of the true grade. What this means is that your default setting on Zwift is at 50%. To put that in real world terms, it would essentially make a 10%...

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Zwift App – A Quick Look Into The Virtual World

Zwift App – A Quick Look Into The Virtual World! If you want to be proficient at cycling and be able to compete in events, you are going to have to commit to a daily riding schedule. The problem here is that not everyone lives in a region where the weather plays ball year-round. For those cyclists, a turbo trainer is the answer, but the reality is that it can get a little dull just pedaling away with no destination in mind and no competition to speak of. The Zwift app may very well solve that problem, and best...

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How To Find Your Zwift ID Number For ZwiftPower SignUp

How To Find Your Zwift ID Number For ZwiftPower SignUp How to find your Zwift ID number? So, you’ve completed your first Zwift Race and headed over to ZwiftPower, eager to create an account, see your final position, and check your power stats, but wait, what is this Zwift ID number you need? and where the hell do you find your Zwift ID number? This part of the signup to ZwiftPower can be a frustrating and time-consuming process if you don’t know where to look to find your Zwift ID number. We’ve tried to avert some of this frustration...

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How To Unlock The Zwift Tron Bike (Concept Z1)

How To Unlock The Zwift Tron Bike (Concept Z1) There are some pretty sweet rides available to unlock on Zwift at present, but perhaps the coolest and fastest bike of them all is the Zwift Tron Bike the Concept Z1. According to tests done by the guys at Zwiftblog, the Zwift Concept Z1 Tron Bike is the fastest bike of all on offer. The Zwift Tron bike completed the Watopia Figure of 8 Course six seconds quicker than the second fastest bike, the Cervelo S5, when both were ridden around the course at a constant 225 watts (Rider weight...

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Zwift Keyboard Shortcuts

Full Zwift Keyboard Shortcuts list There are numerous in-game actions that can be carried out by riders through the use of keyboard shortcuts. Below, we’ll offer up a comprehensive list of all the current Zwift keyboard shortcuts and the actions they appertain to. Hand out Rideons, signal other riders to do some work, ring your bell, take an action screenshot, enter a promo code, whatever in-game action you want a keyboard shortcut for, you’ll be sure to find it in our complete Zwift keyboard shortcut list below. Definitive Zwift Keyboard Shortcut list: Zwift rider action keyboard shortcuts (Function Keys):...

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