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TrainerRoad Review

If you’re looking to get quick on a bike fast then there’s no doubt about it, the TrainerRoad app is an excellent way to go about it. Improvements in fitness can often be hard to come by, and there’s often a certain amount of guesswork involved in your training. TrainerRoad removes the guesswork from the equation and leaves you with tried and tested indoor training plans and workouts that’ll have you knocking your PB’s out of the park. My first experience with TrainerRoad saw me take my FTP figure of 287 and increase it to 348 after just six...

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Sweet Spot Training For Cyclists

Sweet Spot Training For Cyclists 101 If you don’t have a lot of riding time available, sweet spot training may be the way to go. It’s an excellent way to get in shape or to prepare for an upcoming road race. Compared to other forms of training available to you, sweet spot training for cyclists delivers the most impressive return on time spent. The simplest explanation of sweet spot training for cyclists is that it falls right in the area between steady rides and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). In terms of Functional Threshold Power (FTP), British Cycling claims that...

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FTP Training In Cycling

FTP Training In Cycling FTP Training in cycling – When it comes to cycling, one factor above all others gives the largest indication of the level of a rider’s overall fitness, and that’s their FTP or functional threshold power. FTP is a term employed in cycling that defines the maximum power a rider can sustain for one hour. Riders will often perform a 20-minute functional threshold power test where the average power is multiplied by 0.95 to calculate FTP. This figure sets the bar for all FTP training sessions a rider undertakes along with establishing power zones for all...

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