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Elite Drivo Smart Trainer At A Glance

Elite Drivo Smart Trainer First Look The Elite Drivo Smart Trainer is Elite’s new top of the line smart turbo trainer costing an eye-watering $1,299. Elite claim an impressive power accuracy of +/- 1% which would make it the most accurate smart trainer currently available on market. In comparison, the Tacx Neo and Wahoo Kickr offer accuracy of +/-2% and +/-3% respectively. To get such accurate power readings, Elite say the Drivo uses a 24 point power measuring system through each pedal stroke meaning the Elite Drivo records power “as precisely as scientific measuring devices” The Elite Drivo has...

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Elite Turbo Muin Trainer Review

Elite Turbo Muin Trainer Review The Elite Turbo Muin trainer is a direct drive unit utilizing fluid resistance. This combination is well known to create a more realistic ride feel than standard turbo trainers and also offer a much quieter ride. Very useful if you have neighbors in close proximity. The Elite Turbo Muin trainer has a large 197mm flywheel weighing in at 6kg that creates a super smooth ride and has a max power output value of 2000 watts making it suitable for even the most powerful riders out there. Being a fluid trainer there are no resistance...

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Tacx Blue Motion T2600 Turbo Trainer Review

Tacx Blue Motion T2600 Turbo Trainer Review The Tacx Blue Motion T2600 turbo trainer is one of Tacx’s lower end entry level trainers, offering fewer features than some of their more expensive models such as the Vortex. The lower price, however, doesn’t mean the T2600 trainer is of poor quality. In fact, the unit offers a very high level of build quality, simple set up, straightforward use and fantastic compact folding design, great when space is limited. When it comes to resistance, the Tacx Blue Motion 2600 turbo trainer has a whopping 10 levels of resistance which are controlled...

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CycleOps Magneto Trainer Review

CycleOps Magneto Trainer Review The CycleOps Magneto Trainer is a progressive resistance turbo trainer that increases its resistance the faster and harder you go. Literally, that means the faster your ride, the more resistance you will experience from the unit. It’s just like shifting up through the gears when you are riding around outside. This gives the CycleOps Magneto Trainer a very realistic riding experience that you will not find in any many other magnetic turbo trainers on the market. However, the Mag trainer does struggle a little when you accelerate quickly or put in a hard sprint. The...

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Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro Trainer Review

On a budget? We bring you something that will help spur you on as you strive to keep fit. Surprise!!, it’s the Jet Black Z1 Fluid Pro trainer, a great choice for your indoor training, it gives you that true feeling of riding without making sounds that could attract the attention of your neighbours. For many, turbo training may not be the most appealing suggestion even at the best of times, throw in the unbearable noise and a total lack of real life road feel and it really is the last thing a lot of riders would wish to...

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