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Tacx Flux Smart Trainer Review

Tacx Flux Smart Trainer Review Welcome to the Tacx Flux smart trainer. This is Tacx’s newest edition direct drive smart trainer aimed at being lighter on your wallet than it’s big brother the Neo but not on features. The Tacx Flux smart trainer is Tacx’s second offering to the direct drive turbo trainer market. Leading Tacx’s excellent Neo the Tacx Flux smart trainer appears to have all the advantages offered by a direct drive system at a much more consumer-friendly price. Lifting the Tacx Flux smart trainer from it’s box the unit needed minimal assembly time. It was simply...

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Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer Review

Looking to upgrade your indoor riding experience? Well, the Wahoo KICKR Power trainer offers you pretty much everything you could ever wish for in a turbo trainer. Unfortunately, the flip side to this is that the cost may leave you with a tear in your eye. The Wahoo KICKR Power trainer is a heavy (21kg), well built and sturdy unit. This weight helps aid stability when performing hard sprint sessions, but unfortunately, makes transportation awkward, despite the well-placed carry handle. Storage is less of an issue, the legs fold away nicely, leaving a slim shaped Kickr trainer that can...

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